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BACSA - the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia – was set up in 1977 to bring together people with a concern for the many thousands of British and other European cemeteries, isolated graves and monuments in South Asia.  There is no one body or agency responsible for looking after these last resting places in the area from the Red Sea to the China Coast – wherever the East India Company and its rivals from France, the Netherlands and Denmark set foot.  An estimated two million Europeans and Anglo-Indians mainly British administrators, soldiers, merchants and their families - are buried in the Indian sub-continent alone.  Without our support many of their graves and monuments - witness to centuries of European residence in the area - would disappear.

We record the locations of cemeteries and monuments, and the inscriptions on headstones. We publish cemetery and church records containing names, inscriptions and biographical notes on individual tombs and gravestones. We support local people active in the restoration and conservation of European graveyards.  Well over 100 projects have benefited from BACSA funding.

On this site you will find more details of our activities; examples of the conservation work which BACSA has supported; lists of Cemetery Record Books and other BACSA Books; and details of the  BACSA Archive which has been built up over more than 30 years to form a unique record of over 1,300 cemeteries based on official sources with inscriptions and photographs.

Some two million Europeans are buried on the Indian subcontinent
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BACSA is a registered Charity 273422 and our registered address is 135 Burntwood Lane, London, SW17 0AJ

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