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Lower Circular Road Cemetery in Calcutta

General Episcopal Cemetery
Lower Circular Road
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The following has been contributed by Sylvia Murphy:

This cemetery on Lower Circular Road just near the intersection with Park Street is still in use and the front part of the grounds are relatively clear and well kept, though there are a few local families living in the shadows of the larger tombstones & monuments.

Anyway, the older part of the cemetery furthest from Lower Circular Road and around the edges of the grounds is severely overgrown with creeper so the graves without vertically raised slabs or monuments are totally invisible. The Chowkidar has a number of associates who very helpfully escort stray Europeans to the correct plot to find their ancestors’ grave, after this has first been discovered by consulting the rather tatty alphabetical register photocopies which I think go up to the 1940s. They go armed with crowbars which they use to drag the creeper away from the grave surface. Needless to say, suitable tips are expected for their trouble.

There are a number of graves of historic persons here [not least the artists, Jules Henri Jean SCHAUMBURG and Henri Hover LOCKE] and it would be good if the same interest that was shown in restoring South Park Street Cemetery [which is wonderful] could now be shown in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery. Certainly at the moment there seems little point in individuals like me paying to have their ancestors’ graves repaired and restored knowing that they will very rapidly be overgrown again and again.


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