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All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial in Cawnpore

All Souls Church
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The mutiny memorial lies behind the alter in the Apse of the Church. There are 14 tablets recording the names of those who died in Cawnpore during the mutiny in 1857.

Sadly two of the images came out blank on the film, consequently not only are some names missing, but it is impossible to attribute individuals on tablet 5 to the correct Regiment.

Index of the Tablets

Tablet 1:

  • Staff

  • 1st Native Infantry

  • 52nd Native Infantry

  • 71st Native Infantry

  • 74th Native Infantry

Tablet 2: Image Missing
Tablet 3:

  • 2nd Light Cavalry

  • 6th Light Cavalry

  • 7th Light Cavalry

  • 1st Native Infantry

  • 12th Native Infantry

Tablet 4: Image Missing
Tablet 5:

  • Regiment unknown

  • 13th Native Infantry

  • 14th Native Infantry

  • 16th Native Infantry

  • 48th Native Infantry

  • 67th Native Infantry

  • 72nd Native Infantry

Tablet 6: Civilians
Tablet 7: Civilians
Tablet 8: Civilians
Tablet 9: Civilians
Tablet 10: Civilians
Tablet 11: Civilians
Tablet 12: Civilians
Tablet 13: Futtehgurh Fugitives

  • 10th Native Infantry

  • Civilians

Tablet 14: Futtehgurh Fugitives

  • Civilians



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