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St James Church Skinner Plot in Delhi

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A view of the Skinner Family plot
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Photo by John Kendall
In Delhi we visited St James Church built by James Skinner, it is said to give thanks to God for his deliverance. It is also said that to hedge his bets he also had a mosque and a temple built but, the whereabouts of these are unknown. James Skinner was born in 1778, a half caste son to a Scottish EIC army officer and a Rajput girl. He raised a regiment of irregular cavalry known as Skinnerís Horse which still exists in the Indian Army today, and who still have an association with the church.

Skinner had fourteen wives and many children, one of whom was Mrs. Wagentreiber, whose escape from Delhi during the mutiny was successful due to her dark skin and her association with Skinner who was greatly revered by the Indian Army regiments. She was commemorated in the church. The graveyard of the church contains the Skinner family plot, I did not take pictures of many of these monuments thinking that they would be recorded elsewhere. The latest to be buried there though was in 1988, a lady who died in London and desired her ashes to be interred in the family plot in Delhi.


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