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Lower Circular Road Cemetery.
North Park Street Cemetery.
Scotts Cemetery.
South Park Street Cemetery.
St Johns Church.
St Johns Church Black Hole Memorial.
St Pauls Cathedral.
All Souls Church.
All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial.
Christian Cemetery.
Kashmir Gate.
Lothian Cemetery.
Mutiny Memorial The Ridge.
Nicholson Cemetery.
Rajpura Cemetery.
St James Church.
St James Church Skinner Plot.
Christian Cemetery.
Christian Cemetery.
Cantonment Cemetery.
War Cemetery.
Khyber Pass
Ali Masjid Cemetery.
Taxali Gate Cemetery.
Havelock Memorial.
Residency Cemetery.
The Sacred Heart Church.
Cliffden Road Cemetery.
Old Cemetery.
Pindi Point Cemetery.
Landour Cemetery.
Tehkal Cemetery.
Church of South India Cemetery.

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Below are extracts from just some of the e-mails indian-cemeteries.org have received

“ I am delighted to report that relatives unknown to me (we share the same g/gparents) contacted me this week as a result of your dedication and foresight in setting up ‘Indian Cemeteries’.

The display of photos of the graves of my ancestors ..., got the family to search other records until they finally traced me through India List archives.    Whoopeee -- what a bonanza is in store for both sides of the globe as far as Luxemburg !!!

When speaking to my new-found rellies I was advised they ‘could have wept’ when their search produced a hit.

Thank you John for your continued tireless effort in maintaining this website.”

[and as follow-up]

“Thanks ever so much for being instrumental in achieving a connection with family in London and Luxemburg. We have not stopped sending one another family photos.  Would you believe, one of my g/gm with her children and grandchildren has been found by this family in an old suitcase!”

“I have found your website extremely valuable. “

“ ... I must say I have just spent about an hour or more looking through your marvellous site which can only get better and better as more material flows in.”

“ I wonder if you could include a note in your excellent site asking that contributors include memorial and monument makers name where known or signed. I have started to work through your pictures of St Pauls Cathedral in Calcutta and there are some beautiful examples of what appear to be first class British makers. This would be a very valuable addition for people who are interested in the Memorials for their own sake.” [I’ll consider separating out the mason during the next database upgrade.  I’m glad that the site has found an alternative use] Update 7th Jan 2005.  An occupations index has been added which will list the monumental sculptors when I have indexed them all.

“I have just found some breakthrough information on your Indian Cemeteries website, which has opened up a brand new avenue in my family research!!”

“May God Bless you for all the efforts that you have put in for creating such a useful and attractive web resource.”

“Many, many thanks for your wonderful effort.  This information would surely have been lost - and what a great loss that would have been - without your foresight and ingenuity in creating an everlasting memorial for generations to come. “

“Thank you for you most informative website on India cemeteries, especially those of the India Mutiny Memorial I found my ancestors on Tablet 139 (Futegargh Fugitives)”

“You have made such an interesting site. Thank you.”

“Just a note to thank you for the trouble you have gone to in putting this information out for us all. I was gratified to find Capt (William Charles) Hollings in the civilian list, Tablet 7, at Cawnpore. He was a grandson of Major Lawrence Gall, son of Wm C Hollings, a Calcutta merchant, and was cashiered in 1850 (don't know why yet). I have a letter written in 1850 saying he is in Cawnpore and in a desperate state trying to set up in business. I knew from Hodson he had died in the mutiny, but never expected to find any more about him in Cawnpore. “

“The site is terrific! Congratulations on a well organised and presented resource.”

“Your mission to preserve  by photos the graves in India. is a most important mission. Without a doubt most will be dust in another 25 years ...Thank you for your excellent work for preservation”

“I was fascinated by your site and in particular the picture of the 68th NI memorial including Captain Fiennes Sanderson Miller in St Pauls Calcutta. I am writing a book about the Miller family, and wonder if you might have any further information about the memorial or actual resting place of Fiennes Sanderson Miller? [sadly not] Could I use the photo? [always yes, with acknowledgment to the original contributor of course] “

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I was absolutely thrilled to see a photo of the memorial which until now I was clutching at straws about. only someones vague memory BUT they were correct.”

“Your websites are great, there is so much interesting information with wonderful photographs, thank-you for all your hard work. “

“What a fantastic idea of maintaining records as a future resource centre. Unfortunately some graves are in terrible disrepair.”

“I looked at your web site and pleased to see it so well arranged.”

“what you are trying to do is very commendable,”

“Keep up the good work a great site.”

“Just visited your site - The amount of time and effort you have put into it is incredible and much appreciated. This site will be of immense interest and help to us all who are interested in tracing ancestors in India.

... Exciting to see the photo of cemetery and actual plaque - and such a "lift" after long hours online finding nothing. Thanks so much for this wonderful site. “

“Just a note to congratulate you on producing a very fine and useful website.”

“thanks for posting that fabulous photo website to the India List !  Beautiful.  So kind of you, much appreciated. “

“I have been into your Indian Cemeteries site having seen you posting on the India List. I found it very interesting and came across a name that could be a relation of mine (only a guess going by the name).”

“I'm sure there must be a lot of people who are really over the moon at what you have done”

“Had a look at your beautiful website - what a fantastic job you've done. Many grateful thanks.”

“many many thanks for this work”

“your site is wonderful. Thank you”

“Thanks again for your magnificent effort in this”

“excellent site - well done”

“Thank you John for this website.  I now have a complete picture of ... and through the India Website, I have been able to collect Portraits of my ancestors, and now photo's of Headstones. (Again thank you).”