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Lower Circular Road Cemetery.
North Park Street Cemetery.
Scotts Cemetery.
South Park Street Cemetery.
St Johns Church.
St Johns Church Black Hole Memorial.
St Pauls Cathedral.
All Souls Church.
All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial.
Christian Cemetery.
Kashmir Gate.
Lothian Cemetery.
Mutiny Memorial The Ridge.
Nicholson Cemetery.
Rajpura Cemetery.
St James Church.
St James Church Skinner Plot.
Christian Cemetery.
Christian Cemetery.
Cantonment Cemetery.
War Cemetery.
Khyber Pass
Ali Masjid Cemetery.
Taxali Gate Cemetery.
Havelock Memorial.
Residency Cemetery.
The Sacred Heart Church.
Cliffden Road Cemetery.
Old Cemetery.
Pindi Point Cemetery.
Landour Cemetery.
Tehkal Cemetery.
Church of South India Cemetery.

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In 2001 I went on a trip to India with my father to look at Indian mutiny sites and to revisit places he had been to when he lived there 55 years previously. BGwalior Cemetery showing the neglect.  
A private group have funded the building of
the boundary wall recentlyefore I went I was asked by many people to do look-ups at various cemeteries in towns I was planning to visit. Due to the number of requests I could not reply to them all. However when I started looking around cemeteries I was shocked by the state of neglect of most of them.

Monuments of British men, women and children, who had sometimes died in the most tragic ways, were crumbling into the dust.  Some of the local people had a genuine interesA restored monument at Cawnpore
but those in the background are more typicalt in these cem eteri es and were trying to get something done, but much of the money which is awarded for renovation work, apparently does not reach the people doing the work.

There were some signs in some of the cemeteries of work being done, but it was very much the exception.  And a considerable amount of what was being done was funded by private subscriptions and carried our by private individuals.  A great credit to them indeed.

The British Government, I was told contributes nothing.  If this is true then it is indeed a disgrace. Whatever the modern view of Empire, these graves contain the remains of British subjects who died serving their country. Surely there is more that the British Government should be doing to preserve their mThe ruinous state of monuments at Gwalioremory.

This site is a photographic record of those cemeteries and churches which I visited along with transcriptions of the memorials and gravestones. They are not an exhaustive survey as time did not permit, and in my haste  I did not take the photos as well as I should and some are sadly indecipherable.  Since this site started it has continued to grow as contributions are sent in by other people.

In many cases the photos have been reduced for ease of publishing on the web, if you want a better quality image please e-mail me.

I hope that you find these pages useful.

A note on the transcriptions.

The quality of the photos was not always good so some of the transcriptions are incomplete.  I have used the following syntax to describe incomplete or unclear inscriptions:

? - A single letter is illegible

??? - Many letters or a word illegible

[  ] - Text not present or illegible but inserted by me from knowledge of persons, events or the style of the time. Occasionally these are also comments inserted by me.

X/Y - letter could be X or Y