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Lower Circular Road Cemetery.
North Park Street Cemetery.
Scotts Cemetery.
South Park Street Cemetery.
St Johns Church.
St Johns Church Black Hole Memorial.
St Pauls Cathedral.
All Souls Church.
All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial.
Christian Cemetery.
Kashmir Gate.
Lothian Cemetery.
Mutiny Memorial The Ridge.
Nicholson Cemetery.
Rajpura Cemetery.
St James Church.
St James Church Skinner Plot.
Christian Cemetery.
Christian Cemetery.
Cantonment Cemetery.
War Cemetery.
Khyber Pass
Ali Masjid Cemetery.
Taxali Gate Cemetery.
Havelock Memorial.
Residency Cemetery.
The Sacred Heart Church.
Cliffden Road Cemetery.
Old Cemetery.
Pindi Point Cemetery.
Landour Cemetery.
Tehkal Cemetery.
Church of South India Cemetery.

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Monument List

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This shows a list of monuments and the number of individuals referenced on each monument. Click on the arrow to see the monument details or click on the number to see the list of people referenced.

Monuments for Indian Mutiny

ImageMonument TitleNumber of
view monumentHavelock Memorial 11
view monumentKinloch Winland Kirk1
view monumentArchibald Proctor1
view monumentJohn, an infant1
view monumentSir Henry Montgomery Lawrence Memorial1
view monumentMutiny memorial16
view monumentHoward Douglas Campbell1
view monumentRev. George William Coopland1
view monumentJohn Nickleson Martin3
view monument68th Regiment N.I.7
view monumentH.M. 82nd Regiment3
view monumentE.G. and Louisa Chalwin2
view monumentH.M. 24th Regiment (Cumberland)9
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 117
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 349
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 554
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 640
view monumentH.M. 32nd Regiment of Foot1
view monumentFrancis Whiting1
view monumentHenry Lawrence Grave1
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 842
view monument1st Madras Fusiliers10
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 939
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 1042
view monumentAndrew Becher1
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 1139
view monumentManton Collingwood Ommanney3
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 1252
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 1359
view monumentH.M. 90th Light Infantry14
view monument74th Regiment N.I.9
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 1446
view monument84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment12
view monumentH.M. 32nd (Cornwall) Regiment Light Infantry22
view monumentH.M. 64th Regiment7
view monumentMajor Muirson Thrower Blake1
view monumentKashmere Gate Memorial12
view monumentHale Family Monument4
view monumentMutiny Memorial 18
view monument13th Regiment N.I.6
view monumentBengal Artillery5
view monumentMutiny Memorial 26
view monumentC.J. Woodford1
view monumentMutiny Memorial 39
view monumentMutiny Memorial - List of Actions8
view monumentJohn Russel Colvin1
view monumentMutiny Memorial 44
view monumentCaptain James Young1
view monumentHenrietta and Hilda Mary Anderson3
view monument2nd Bengal Light Cavalry2
view monumentWilliam B. Cowburn1
view monumentLieutenant Wyndham Neave1
view monumentAnn Fawcett2
view monumentFrederick Cortlandt Angelo1
view monumentW.T. Anderson1
view monumentMutiny Memorial - Tablet 742
view monumentGowan Monument6
view monumentJackson Monument3
view monumentHervey Greathed Tomb2
view monumentJohn Nicholsons monument1
view monumentMutiny memorial1
view monumentMonument to the soldiers of H.M. 86th Regiment1
view monumentDr Stack1
view monumentLt Campbell1
view monumentFrancis David Gordon2
view monumentCaptain Alexander Skene4
view monumentThe Carshore family memorial7
view monumentArthur Scott's memorial2
view monumentJhansi Mutiny Memorial49
view monumentLt Frederick Turnbull2
view monument3rd Bombay European Regiment Mutiny memorial - Tablet 11
view monument3rd Bombay European Regiment Mutiny memorial - Tablet 220
view monument3rd Bombay European Regiment Mutiny memorial - Tablet 325
view monument3rd Bombay European Regiment Mutiny memorial - Tablet 425
view monumentLieutenant Park3
view monumentQuarter Master Sergeant Hiles1
view monumentCaptain Henry Hart1
view monumentThe grave of Lt Harrison1
view monumentMargaret Abbott1