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Lower Circular Road Cemetery.
North Park Street Cemetery.
Scotts Cemetery.
South Park Street Cemetery.
St Johns Church.
St Johns Church Black Hole Memorial.
St Pauls Cathedral.
All Souls Church.
All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial.
Christian Cemetery.
Kashmir Gate.
Lothian Cemetery.
Mutiny Memorial The Ridge.
Nicholson Cemetery.
Rajpura Cemetery.
St James Church.
St James Church Skinner Plot.
Christian Cemetery.
Christian Cemetery.
Cantonment Cemetery.
War Cemetery.
Khyber Pass
Ali Masjid Cemetery.
Taxali Gate Cemetery.
Havelock Memorial.
Residency Cemetery.
The Sacred Heart Church.
Cliffden Road Cemetery.
Old Cemetery.
Pindi Point Cemetery.
Landour Cemetery.
Tehkal Cemetery.
Church of South India Cemetery.

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Regiment and Employer Index

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The tables below list those regiments and employing organisations which feature in the monuments database.  The entries appear largely as they are inscribed on the monuments, so it is advisable to check the list carefully for the regiment or organisation you are looking for, since style and nomenclature are not consistent. In addition the list is not sorted in numerical order so 1st’ doesn’t necessarily come before ‘10th’.

10 Guide Corps1
10th Madras Native Infantry2
10th Native Infantry8
11th Irregular Cavalry1
11th Native Infantry6
11th Sikh Regiment (3rd Battalion)1
12th Bengal Native Infantry2
12th Native Infantry1
13th Madras Native Infantry1
13th Native Infantry5
14th Bengal Cavalry (Murrays Jat Horse)1
14th Native Infantry2
15th Bengal Native Infanty1
16th Grenadiers, Bengal Native Infantry1
16th Native Infantry1
17th Native Infantry2
1st Battalion The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)29
1st Bombay Fusiliers1
1st Dukeof Yorks Own Lancers (Skinners Horse)18
1st Gurkha Regiment1
1st Madras Fusiliers10
1st Native Infantry23
1st Punjab Infantry1
1st Regiment Sikh Cavalry (Probyns Horse)1
20th Native Infantry1
20th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry1
24th Bombay N.I.1
24th Rifle Brigade1
25th Bengal Native Infantry1
25th Regiment1
26th Native Infantry1
27th Bengal Native Infantry2
29th Native Infantry1
2nd Battalion The Essex Regiment10
2nd Bengal Fusiliers1
2nd Bengal Light Cavalry2
2nd Light Cavalry23
2nd Oude Irregular Infantry1
2nd Regiment Gwalior Contingent1
2nd Somerset Light Infantry1
2nd Wiltshire Regiment2
3?rd Punjab Infantry1
33rd Native Infantry1
35th Sikhs (1st Battalion)1
39th Madras Native Infantry1
39th Native Infantry1
3rd Bombay European Regiment71
41st Madras Native Infantry1
42nd Native Infantry1
43rd Native Infantry1
45th Native Infantry1
48th Native Infantry2
4th Bengal Native Infantry1
4th Infantry Brigade1
4th Punjab Infantry1
52nd Native Infantry1
54th Native Infantry3
56th Punjab Rifles2
5th Native Infantry1
67th Native Infantry2
68th Bengal Native Infantry1
68th Native Infantry7
6th Bengal Cavalry1
6th Dragoon Guards1
6th Light Cavalry1
6th Native Cavalry1
71st Highland Light Infantry2
71st Native Infantry1
72nd Native Infantry1
74th Native Infantry10
7th Light Cavalry1
8th Bengal N.I.1
93rd Sutherland Highlanders9
9th Lancers1
Balooch Batallion1
Bengal Army4
Bengal Artillery9
Bengal Engineers4
Bengal Establishment Artillery1
Bengal Native Infantry1
Bengal Sappers and Miners8
Bengal Staff Corps1
Bombay Army1
Bombay Horse Artillery1
Cavalry Guide Corps1
Gwalior Contingent1
H. M. 2nd Wiltshire Regiment2
H.E.I.C. Military Establishment of Fort George1
H.M. ?9th Regiment1
H.M. 106th Light infantry2
H.M. 109th Regiment5
H.M. 16th Lancers1
H.M. 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers1
H.M. 21st Regiment1
H.M. 22nd Regiment1
H.M. 27th Light Dragoons1
H.M. 2nd Somerset Light Infantry2
H.M. 2nd Wiltsire Regiment1
H.M. 30th Regiment1
H.M. 32nd (Cornwall) Regiment Light Infantry22
H.M. 32nd Foot1
H.M. 34th (Cumberland) Regiment9
H.M. 34th Regiment1
H.M. 36th Foot1
H.M. 39th Regiment2
H.M. 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch)1
H.M. 52nd Foot1
H.M. 52nd Light Infantry1
H.M. 60th Rifles1
H.M. 61st Regiment2
H.M. 63rd Regiment3
H.M. 64th Regiment7
H.M. 69th Regiment3
H.M. 6th Royal Regiment (1st Bn)13
H.M. 71st Highland Light Infantry1
H.M. 75th Regiment5
H.M. 77th Regiment1
H.M. 78th Highlanders1
H.M. 82nd Regiment3
H.M. 84th York and Lancaster Regiment12
H.M. 86th Regiment2
H.M. 86th Royal Regiment2
H.M. 8th The Kings Regiment3
H.M. 90th Light Infantry14
H.M. Devonshire Regiment1
H.M. Duke of Wellington Regiment1
H.M. Hampshire Regiment (1st Batallion)1
H.M. Northamptonshire Regiment (2nd Battalion)1
H.M. Royal Sussex Regiment (2nd Battalion)1
H.M. Royal Welch Fusiliers1
Indian Medical Service1
Kumaon Battalion1
Madras Engineers1
Rifle Brigade1
Royal Army Service Corps1
Royal Artillery5
Royal Artillery (10/9th Brigade)1
Royal Artillery (23rd Company E Division)6
Royal Artillery (24th Field Battery)12
Royal Australian Air Force1
Royal Engineers4
Royal Field Artillery (67th Battery)9
Royal Garrison Artillery2
Royal Garrison Artillery (No. 6 Mountain Battery)19
Royal Navy2
Royal Welch Fusiliers (1st Batallion )4
S. & T.1
Sappers and miners1
Shindor Battalion1
The Suffolk Regiment2
The Suffolk Regiment (1st Batallion)2
Other EmployerEntries
American Presbyterain Mission1
Army Commissariat Department1
Bengal Civil Service9
Bengal Establishment2
Bengal Secretariat1
Bombay Commissariat Department1
Calcutta Police1
Canal Department1
Clothing Agency1
Commissariat Department1
East India Company Civil Service1
East India Company, Bengal1
Geological Survey And Govt School Of Art1
Gun Agency Department1
H.C. Civil Service1
H.M. Customs Department1
H.M. Indian Staff Corps1
Holy Trinity Church, Murree1
Honourable Companys Madras Establishment1
Messrs Gibbon and Co, Rawalpindi2
Opium Department1
Ordnance Department2
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company1
Public Works Department2
Royal Geographical Society of London1
Sir Roger Cholmeleys School, Highgate1
Telegraph Department6