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Image Surname First Names Monument City Cemetery or Church Monument Regiment Rank Employer Position Death Date Death Place Birth Date
view monument???HenryCawnporeChristian CemeteryHenry ?H.M. 27th Light Dragoons  Surgeon13 June 1801 Abt 1775
view monumentCrochetJohnCawnporeChristian CemeteryJohn Crochet   Steward of the Cawnpore HospitalOct ???  
view monumentFerrisJamesCawnporeChristian CemeteryHonora FerrisArtilleryCaptain     
view monumentFerrisHonoraCawnporeChristian CemeteryHonora Ferris       
view monumentFryBobCawnporeChristian CemeteryCaptain Bob Fry6th Native CavalryCaptain  14 Apr 1816 Abt 1777
view monumentG/CleighW.CawnporeChristian CemeteryJohn McDonald       
view monumentGreenwayCharles CoverdaleCawnporeChristian CemeteryCharles Coverdale Greenway    22 Oct 1843 Mar 1820
view monumentHaringtonMargaret MaryCawnporeChristian CemeteryMargaret Mary Harington    18 Apr 1835Cawnpore6 May 1833
view monumentHaringtonH.B.CawnporeChristian CemeteryMargaret Mary Harington  Bengal Civil Service    
view monumentHomeGeorgeCawnporeChristian CemeteryBrigadier George HomeH.M. 16th LancersBrigadier  13 Dec 1833CawnporeAbt 1774
view monumentSir HorsfordJohnCawnporeChristian CemeterySir John HorsfordBengal Establishment ArtilleryMajor-General  20 Apr 1817 Abt 1751
view monumentMacKenzieAlexanderCawnporeChristian CemeteryAlexander MacKenzie       
view monumentMcDonaldJohnCawnporeChristian CemeteryJohn McDonald    Feb 18(3/5)0  
view monumentOwenSophia ReesCawnporeChristian CemeterySohia Rees Owen    27 Nov 1834 Dec 1803
view monumentOwenH.T.CawnporeChristian CemeterySohia Rees Owen  H.C. Civil Service    
view monumentOwen[infant son]CawnporeChristian CemeterySohia Rees Owen    19 Oct 1834 19 Oct 1834
view monumentPaniotyEmanuelCawnporeChristian CemeteryPanayotis Emmanuel   Merchant4 Jun 1815 Mar 1766
view monumentPayneGeorgeCawnporeChristian CemeteryLieutenant George PayneArtilleryLieutenant  Oct 1806Cawnpore 
view monumentRindM.M.N.CawnporeChristian CemeterySeton Rind       
view monumentRindSetonCawnporeChristian CemeterySeton Rind    19 Apr 1830Matira??Abt 1805
view monumentVenourWalter AskellCawnporeChristian CemeteryHelen Venour   Surgeon   
view monumentVenourHelenCawnporeChristian CemeteryHelen Venour    11 Jun 1824  
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