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Image Surname First Names Monument City Cemetery or Church Monument Regiment Rank Employer Position Death Date Death Place Birth Date
view monumentAtkinsonRobertDelhiLothian CemeteryRobert Atkinson memorial   Conductor of Ordnance26 Sep 1813 Abt 1864
view monumentBaskervilleThomasDelhiLothian CemeteryMary Cowley monument       
view monumentBatesJaneDelhiLothian CemeteryJane Bates headstone    25 Jun 1824 Abt 1805
view monumentBatesThomasDelhiLothian CemeteryJane Bates headstone Sergeant Major Garrison Sergeant Major of Delhi   
view monumentBatesT.M.DelhiLothian CemeteryJane Bates headstone    25 Nov 1829 Abt Feb 1822
view monumentBurtonHarry DeaneDelhiLothian CemeteryHarry Deane monument       
view monumentBurton DelhiLothian CemeteryHarry Deane monument Lieutenant     
view monumentMrs Burton DelhiLothian CemeteryJohn Plomer memorial       
view monumentCowleyMaryDelhiLothian CemeteryMary Cowley monument    30 May 1846 30 Dec 1844
view monumentElderEDelhiLothian CemeteryRobert Atkinson memorial       
view monumentFlynnJamesDelhiLothian CemeteryJame Flynn HeadstoneSappers and minersSergeant  9 Sep 1931 Abt 1830
view monumentFoyArthurDelhiLothian CemeteryAndre Foy monument    Aft 1901 Bef 1901
view monumentFoyEdwardDelhiLothian CemeteryAndre Foy monument    Aft 1901 Bef 1901
view monumentFoyAndreDelhiLothian CemeteryAndre Foy monument    14 Dec 1839Delhi 
view monumentGibbalsPDelhiLothian CemeteryP Gibbals headstone Sergeant Magazine Sergeant11 Mar 1829  
view monumentHeseltineCharlotteDelhiLothian CemeteryCharlotte Heseltine monument    30 Dec 1850Delhi 
view monumentHeseltineJ. N.DelhiLothian CemeteryCharlotte Heseltine monument       
view monumentMacDonaldCDelhiLothian CemeterySarah MacDonalds monument       
view monumentMacDonaldSarah Grace CanfeildDelhiLothian CemeterySarah MacDonalds monument    8 Nov 18?3  
view monumentMartenGeorgeDelhiLothian CemeteryGeorge Marten monument    6 Mar 1851 Abt May 1849
view monumentMartenMatlidaDelhiLothian CemeteryGeorge Marten monument       
view monumentMartenHarryDelhiLothian CemeteryGeorge Marten monument       
view monumentNixonJamesDelhiLothian CemeteryJames Nixon monument   Conductor of Ordnance9 Oct 1826 Abt 1780
view monumentPlomerJohnDelhiLothian CemeteryJohn Plomer memorial   Conductor of Ordnance3 Jul 1817 Abt 1737
view monumentRyleySarahDelhiLothian CemeteryMary Cowley monument       
view monumentvarious DelhiLothian CemeteryMutiny memorial    1857  
view monumentYoungJ.B.DelhiLothian CemeteryMatilda Young headstone       
view monumentYoungMatildaDelhiLothian CemeteryMatilda Young headstone    19 Mar 1832  
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