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Image Surname First Names Monument City Cemetery or Church Monument Regiment Rank Employer Position Death Date Death Place Birth Date
view monumentSir CholmeleyRogerMurreePindi Point CemeteryCharles Sharpe  Sir Roger Cholmeleys School, HighgateTeacher   
view monumentDowse-BrenanRupert Howard EsmondeMurreePindi Point CemeteryGrave of Flying Officer Dowse-Brenan Flying Officer  6 June 1938MurreeDec 1913
view monumentle MarchantB. St. J.MurreePindi Point CemeteryHelen le MarchantH.M. 1st Royal Munster FusiliersColonel     
view monumentle MarchantHelen CarletonMurreePindi Point CemeteryHelen le Marchant    8 Oct 1906MurreeAbt 1872
view monumentLittleElsie FrancesMurreePindi Point CemeteryElsie Little    9? May 1948  
view monumentSharpeChalres ArthurMurreePindi Point CemeteryCharles Sharpe  Public Works DepartmentEngineer14 Oct 1905MurreeAbt 1882
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