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Lower Circular Road Cemetery.
North Park Street Cemetery.
Scotts Cemetery.
South Park Street Cemetery.
St Johns Church.
St Johns Church Black Hole Memorial.
St Pauls Cathedral.
All Souls Church.
All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial.
Christian Cemetery.
Kashmir Gate.
Lothian Cemetery.
Mutiny Memorial The Ridge.
Nicholson Cemetery.
Rajpura Cemetery.
St James Church.
St James Church Skinner Plot.
Christian Cemetery.
Christian Cemetery.
Cantonment Cemetery.
War Cemetery.
Khyber Pass
Ali Masjid Cemetery.
Taxali Gate Cemetery.
Havelock Memorial.
Residency Cemetery.
The Sacred Heart Church.
Cliffden Road Cemetery.
Old Cemetery.
Pindi Point Cemetery.
Landour Cemetery.
Tehkal Cemetery.
Church of South India Cemetery.

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What's New

What’s New?

31st October 2006

Ali Masjid Cemetery in the Khybur Pass cemetery added. Many thanks to Rabia Zafar for the contributions.

7th April 2006

A number of monuments from Peshawar Tehkal Cemetery. Many thanks again to Dr Ali Jan - Sarhad Conservation Network.

6th April 2006

The one remaining monument left in North Park Street Cemetery. Thanks again to Pamela Stock-Hall.

31st July 2005

Added The Cemetery of  The Sacred Heart Church in Mow near Indore. Thanks to Sophie Onraet.

Also added several monuments in Delhi, thanks to Ian Rees for those. They include:

  • Badli-ki-Serai monument
  • All that is left of the 1857 Rajpura Cemetery

30th July 2005

Added Taxali Gate Cemetery, contributed by Maria Suffolk, who sadly passed away recently.  She will be greatly missed by the Indian family history community.  Many thanks Maria.

30th July 2005

Added 3 cemeteries from Murree:

  • Old Cemetery
  • Pindi Point Cemetery
  • Cliffden Road Cemetery

grateful thanks to Dr Ali Jan - Sarhad Conservation Network.

27th April 2005

The following updates have been done:

  • Addition to Jhansi Cantonment Cemetery.  Thanks to Warren Abbott
  • CSI Cemetery Vellore. Again grateful thanks to Ed Sentner
  • Karachi war cemetery.  Grateful thanks to Dr Ali Jan

7th January 2005

Occupations index added. This lists the occupations and positions held by individuals as stated on the monuments. This will also list the sculptors of the monuments where stated. Not all the sculptors have been indexed yet.

24th November 2004

Added the cantonment cemetery in Jhansi. Thanks to Ed Sentner.

13th September

Indian cemeteries has now moved to a more reliable host (www.7host.com), so it should be accessible most of the time.  I have also been able to add a few enhancements.

  • Cemetery menu is now active, which means that it is automatically updated from the database, and it is quicker to load as there are no images in it
  • The file size can now be given for the high resolution images. This means that users can determine whether want to download a 1MB image if they have a slow internet connection.
  • Several bug fixes.

8th September 2004

Lothian Cemetery Delhi added.  Thanks again to Patrick Horton.

The Cemetery Search function added.  This allows a single cemetery to be searched for a surname. This can be found on the cemetery description page.

28th March 2004

Added Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi and Landour Cemetery, Mussoorie. Thanks to Patrick Horton for the Photos.

March 2004

Added campaign index, improved performance, fixed some bugs and layout issues.

Update 31st December 2003

Major upload of new data courtesy of Pam Stock-Hall, Patrick Horton, and Joseph Johnson.

Updates to Lower Circular Road Cemetery, and St. John’s Church both in Calcutta.

Addition of Lonavla Cemetery and Scotts Cemetery, Calcutta.

Update 13th August 2003

Site updated.  Performance poor due to new free host.

Update 7th August 2003

Added Chandernagor Cemetery as well as more monuments from St Pauls Cathedral and Lower Circular Road Calcutta. All courtesy of Sylvia Murphy

Update 22 May 2003

Added the search function.

Update 9 April 2003

Added translation of Greek inscription on Panioty monument in Cawnpore. Thanks to Helen Abadzi.

Update 7 April 2003

Added Lower Circular Road and South Park Street Cemeteries in Calcutta.  Thanks again to Sylvia Murphy

Update 11 March 2003

Included contributions from Sylvia Murphy. More to follow.

26 March 2003

indian-cemeteries.org launched.

The following announcement sent to the RootsWeb India list by John Kendall represents the public launch of indian-cemeteries.org:

“After some time I have finally got my Indian cemeteries site up and complete. For those who don’t know, I went to India last year and had many requests to do look-ups at cemeteries.  I was so shocked by the poor state of most of the cemeteries that I determined to record as much as I could and publish the results before they were lost. What has resulted is visible at http://www.indian-cemeteries.org.

I must stress that it is not an exhaustive (or entirely accurate) survey, because time and technology did not permit it. Particularly some of the writing is undecipherable from the photos which I took on my cheap camera.

However on the site are the photos of the monuments with transcriptions. Along with a name index (about 990 individuals) and regimental index, which record name, rank/position, regiment/department, date and place of death. The sites covered are:



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